Why Organic Jerky?

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It's Better For You.

To put it simply, eating organic foods is better for you and your family. Our organic jerky is produced from USDA certified organic beef which is antibiotic free, and has no added growth hormones or GMOs. Organic livestock must also be raised on certified organic land, and all feed must be 100% certified organic as well! I addition to all of this organic meat is higher than conventional meat in Omega-3 fatty acids which reduce inflammation, and have been shown to be protective against cardiovascular disease and cognitive decline.

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It's Better For THE COW.

An organic raised cow is a happy cow! Certified organic livestock must be raised on certified organic land, and all feed that they eat must also be 100% certified organic. Organic livestock must also have access to organic pasture for the entire grazing season, and at least 30% of their diet must come from organic pasture. When it comes to cows, organic practices help support their overall health and are also better from an environmental perspective.


Learn more about USDA certified organic livestock requirements by clicking here

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By using organic practices organic farmers and ranchers minimize the impact to off-farm environments. Plans are implemented to avoid manure runoff, and instead the manure is used as an organic fertilizer or composting to conserve nutrients. In addition to this, organic farmers use sustainable practices such as crop rotation and cover crops to maintain soil fertility and protect the valuable soil and water quality.


The Meliora™ Standard.

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